We believe in empowering human value by countering lies, false perceptions, and shame with the truth.

You are priceless, created by God, who has a plan of dignity and purpose for your life.

Every human has an inherent measure of influence, and by believing in the priceless worth of others, you can use your influence to empower them to know it too.

We support those who work toward ending the devaluing of human worth.

You are deserving of safety, love, and belonging. We accomplish this by partnering with change makers, creating inspirational campaigns, and working to bring practical hope to individuals.


We belong to one another and to the One who created us.

You are meant to belong in safety with those living in the love and light of God.

Each person has unique qualities meant to be combined in diversity with others for the sake of unity and community, so we can do more good together than we could do alone.

Together we support frontline changemakers who combat the lies and oppression that fuel a sense of worthlessness in vulnerable populations.

You are worthy, and everyone has the right to be treated the with the dignity God has given every human being.


Everyone is intended to become more than what they are right now.

Courageously moving away from hurts and false identities by embracing the truths through believing and belonging, you are BECOMING a more healed, whole, beautiful, and empowered you.

Through your own redemption story, you can come alongside others in their BECOMING journeys out of brokenness and darkness into wholeness and light.

We work to empower vulnerable people to rise and become what God intended for their lives.