our mission

To empower human value, regardless of race, economic status, or ethnicity, recognizing that every person is an image-bearer of God, therefore deserving of safety, love, and belonging. We accomplish this by partnering with change-makers, creating inspirational campaigns, and working to bring practical hope to individuals whose understanding of their worth has been undermined by traumatic life circumstances or cultural influences.


We are a lifeline to those who are being sexually exploited, facing mental health issues, struggling with gender identity and self-harm. Through our partnerships with frontline organizations, we extend a hand of hope so you can start your journey of becoming all that God designed you to be.

We accomplish this by partnering with key organizations that share our values and have inspired plans and strategy in place to rescue victims from “the life” of being sexually exploited and trafficked. One of our key partners is Rescue America.  They work at the grass roots level training and serving communities to be a part of the solution to rescue, revive and empower the sexually exploited.


Our frontline partners focus on holistic healing – body, mind, and spirit by addressing root causes of lies that most of the world is living under. We believe that exchanging lies for truth, will take you from where you are today, to where you want to be and who you were designed to be.

One of our key partners in this area is Safe House Project – Aside from public education about sex trafficking truths and how to help prevent the vulnerable from becoming a victim in the US, they are a connecting resource for a network of safe houses in the US to ensure there are rooms at certified safe houses for women seeking to exit “the life”.


We believe that as you learn to live in truth, you will experience the fullness God intended for you, and rise into your destiny. Your story of becoming will now turn the tide and bring others out of the darkness and into the light.

In the fall of 2021, the first Restore 2 Rise retreat took place in partnership with Becoming Foundation and the Safe House Project. Over a dozen survivor and organizational leaders working in anti-trafficking came together for four days of prayer, healing, and strategic collaboration.  As part of the Priceless Initiative, this fall, the band For King and Country is visiting high schools to encourage students with songs, messages, and products that speak to the priceless value and essential purpose of each image-bearer of God.